Made it Monday!

Goal Setting

I think that goals are very important and for a few years now I have had yearly goals. The year before last saw the introduction of weekly goals and last week I had a goal related revelation! Something that I was surprised it had taken me so long to realise! This was that as well as all these other goals I need more immediate goals, like a project to be working on. Crazy huh? it seem obvious now that I have realised it, but before because I had my yearly goals more immediate ones hadn’t occurred to me.

So what are these goals? My goals for the year include things like “Train everyday!” and “stretch 5x per week!” and then some of the weekly goals feed into these to break them down into more manageable amounts. Then at the end of the year I count up all the training I’ve done and see how close to the goal I am. After 2012’s count I realised that I need to take more holiday days (there were only 4 all year!)

So what was special about last week? I fulfilled all of my goals! #Madeitmonday!

A truly awful product. Rectal Jewellery for cats.

I never thought I’d see the day when I read “you can now buy a jewel that covers your cats rectum” and yet there it was, will an advert including a real cat walking around with a jewel on its bum. Complete with hideous jingle.

You can see the original blog post here

That poor cat. I think people need to get over themselves, if they are seeing their cats bum, its because their cat is happy! Cats put their tails up with joy! And sure a cat bum in face as they turn round isn’t brilliant, but its part of having a cat.

Plus I think that most cats responses to having something around their tail will be to try and get it off again, rather than walking around being slapped on the behind.

Just in case you haven’t heard the horror here it is again-