The week that was last week. (I made it Monday!)

Last week I ticked something off my list that has been there for quite sometime; attending a pyrotechnics safety awareness course.

Pyrotechnic Safety Certificate

I have been using pyrotechnics since 2011 and like most things circus I was trained on how to use them by another performer. I had meant to go on a course for a while, not because there is any legal requirement for me to do so, the pyros we use are ones available to the general public, but because its nice to have a shiny certificate and blow things up. safely, of course!

For those who don’t know what they look like while in use by fire performers, here is a picture


(this is my friend Kat with a pyro staff in front of me and I’m behind with a set of pyro clubs)

Here is a link to the company that ran the course